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About us

     BDE Technology Co., Ltd.


BDE Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovation driven company dedicated to green wireless technologies. BDE is committed to providing ultra low power wireless communication technologies, particularly Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to OEMs, system integrators, device manufacturers and solution providers worldwide.
Equipped with BDE`s innovative products and outstanding services which include BLE protocol stacks, wireless modules, applications, system solutions and world class expertise, our customers are able to shorten development cycles, reduce design uncertainty, lower production cost and release more competitive products into markets quickly and efficiently. BDE`s flexible, highly integrated products and solutions are able to be customerized to the most demanding requirements in numerous applications and devices such as proximity, Internet connected devices, consumer health care devices, sports and fitness products, watches, human interface devices, automotives, smart energy and home automation solutions, and remote controls.

For more information please contact info@bdecomm.com  to learn how we can help you with your low power wireless communication products.

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