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Company News - BDE's BLE Solution appears at the 17th IIC-China
  • BDE's BLE Solution appears at the 17th IIC-China
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  •       The 17th International IC-China Conference & Exhibition (IIC China 2012) was held from February 23rd to 24th 2012, at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. BDE(BDE Technology Co., Ltd)’s BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) USB adapter BDE-BLEUSB001 and BLE module BDE-BLEM001 was being shown at the exhibition booths for Silicon Labs and EDOM, partners of BDE.
          BDE’s BLE solution, as the first BLE Solution in China, provides Bluetooth 4.0 compliant BLE modules,and flexible customized services. Its power consumption accounts for one twentieth of that of the classic Bluetooth. BLE successfully tackles with the weaknesses in a classic Bluetooth solution, like high power consumption. It greatly expands the traditional Bluetooth market to personal health care, monitoring,and remote control applications etc. Meanwhile, mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 will have a revolutionary impact on the personal or home electronics applications. Now, a Bluetooth low energy module can make a user application easily communicate with an iPhone 4S or other smart phones which may relay the user data to a 3G or Wi-Fi network.
            BDE, together with its partners, is committed to provide  flexible, highly integrated Bluetooth Low Energy products and customized solutions.


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