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Company News - 2013 International Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Seminar
  • 2013 International Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Seminar
  • Browse 1554 Times Date: [ 2013-3-4 ]

  • EM Microelectronic-a leading Swiss Company in global low power Internet of Things (IoT) chips field, together with Mostyle Corp- EM Asia Pacific distributor and BDE- strategic partner of EM Bluetooth Low Power protocol stack are hosting 2013 International Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology seminar in Shenzhen/Shanghai.


    This seminar will introduce EM’s BLE (Bluetooth Smart) platform and BDE’s Bluetooth protocol stack which has been verified by Bluetooth SIG. Also we are honored to invite Bluetooth SIG to bring us the progress and up to date status of Bluetooth technology, and Bosch to introduce the future application combined with BLE and MEMS sensor technologies. BLE products and applications will be demonstrated on spot. This seminar will help you quickly and easily to know BLE, its novel applications and how to develop. It’s an open platform for all and welcome you here.  Gifts are prepared.
    Organizers:    EM Microelectronic
                          BDE Technology Co., Ltd.
    Guests:  Bluetooth SIG                       Mr.  Lv
                  EM Microelectronic               Mr. Philippe Koller
                  BDE Technology Co., Ltd.     Dr. Jacky Tian
                  Bosch Sensor                       Mrs. Mao



    网站注册:www.bdecomm.com/cn  或电话垂询:+755 82805781梅先生或周先生

    时间:2013年3月18日(周一) 下午:13:30~18:00

    地点:深圳福田福华一路 马可孛罗好日子酒店  七楼 夏威夷厅



    时间:2013年4月9日   下午:13:30~17:00


    届时各位如有兴趣参观EM/碧德4/10日在上海举办的BT WORLD的展台,需注册如下蓝牙大会链接:https://bluetooth.org/Apps/content/default.aspx?doc_id=268450&cm_mid=2244110&cm_crmid={26B90D8F-DB45-E211-8BE8-78E3B5102E43}&cm_medium=email



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