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Company News - BDE Technology as a sponsor attend the 2013 World Congress of Bluetooth
  • BDE Technology as a sponsor attend the 2013 World Congress of Bluetooth
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  • On April 10, 11 2013, annual Bluetooth world was held in Shanghai Marriott City Centre, more than 670 Members or nonmembers from global attended this conference in which people discussed the latest progress of Bluetooth core specification, enhanced configuration files and interoperability, Bluetooth’s innovative applications in the fields such as IoT, mobile consumer electronics, Automotives, Smart home, mobile health, and etc. And more than 20 members demonstrated Bluetooth related products and solutions.

    Figure 1.  Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Mark Powell gave Opening Speech

    “Due to huge marketing potential of Bluetooth technology in China, this year’s Bluetooth world was held here.” expressed by TSuke Jawanda-Chief Marketing Officer of the Bluetooth SIG. According to the survey of Bluetooth SIG Union, so far as March, the quantity of SIG members had added up to 18000. 37 percents of the new members come from APAC, and 65 percents of them come from China. Currently, there are 6175 members from APAC, in which 2991 from China, almost the half. It is expected that 2500 new members will join SIG by the end of 2013, in which most come from China.

    As the silver sponsor of the conference, BDE attended the conference with many kinds of BLE solutions. Besides, BDE’s CEO Dr. Tian was specially invited to give a speech on the meeting. He shared a slide named “Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Basics” which attracted much attention of members and was highly recognized by Bluetooth SIG.

    Figure 2. BDE’s CEO Dr. Tian shared Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

    BDE dedicated to the research and development on BLE protocol stack and its application solution as established, so far, BDSLETM has been completed and running smoothly on many MCU platforms, and it has achieved BQE qualification of Bluetooth SIG with QDID: B020484. Based on the Stack, R&D center of BDE has designed more than 10 kinds of BLE applications and solutions in the fields such as mobile healthcare, sports fitness, smart home and consumer. BDE took all the solutions to Bluetooth world for demonstration which got much attention from members, and many of them required project discussion on the booth.

    Figure 3. BDE’s Booth

    Figure 4:BDE is one of the Five Sponsors

    This is the first time Bluetooth world ran in China, fully show the China’s actual strength and big market potential in Bluetooth field. As the promotion of Bluetooth Low Energy, under the situation of IoT BOOM, the convening of Bluetooth World will do accelerate the technology innovation and product innovation, and lead to big steps in people’s smart life style.

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