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  • BDE-BLEM201P
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  • BDE-BLEM201P is a Bluetooth 4.0 single-mode compliant Bluetooth low energy module targeted at low power sensors and PC/Phone accessories.


    BDE-BLEM201P highly integrates Bluetooth Low Energy radio, stack, profile and applications in a SoC, without the need of using an external MCU. The module also offers flexible hardware interfaces for the sensor application.


    It enables ultra low power connectivity and data transfer for the applications that are sensitive to power consumption, size and cost.

    Key Features

    n  Bluetooth 4.0 single-mode compliant

    n  Support master and slave modes, 3+ simultaneous connections in master mode

    n  Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy stack, no external MCU needed

    n  RF performance

    Ø  TX power: -23dBm to 0dBm

    Ø  RX sensitivity: up to -94dBm

    n  Communication range: 100m (LOS)

    n  Ultra low power 8051 microcontroller core

    Ø  8K RAM with retention

    Ø  256K in-system-programming flash

    Ø  23 GPIOs (21x4mA, 2x20mA)

    Ø  12-bit ADC with eight channels and configurable resolution

    Ø  Data interfaces: I2C x 1, USART x 2

    Ø  Integrate high-performance comparator

    n  Ultra low power consumption: 0.5uA@PowerMode3 (External Interrupts)

    n  Antenna: PCB antenna

    n  Size: 16.55mm x10.88mm x 1.5mm (Without Shielding)

       16.55mm x10.88mm x 2.2mm

    (With Shielding)

    n  BQB certification


    n  CE 2200 compliant, RoHs compliant




    n  Medical devices

    n  Sports and fitness equipments

    n  Home electronics

    n  Mobile and PC accessories

    n  Industry automation

    For more information please contact shu@bdecomm.com to learn how we can help you with your low power wireless communication products.

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