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Bluetooth Dual-Mode - BDE-BD2564CA (Bluetooth 5.1 Dual-Mode Based on CC2564C)
  • BDE-BD2564CA (Bluetooth 5.1 Dual-Mode Based on CC2564C)

  • BDE-BD2564CA is a Bluetooth 5.1 BR/EDR & LE dual mode transceiver module.The module integrates Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth Low Energy radio TI’s CC2564C, a 26-MHz crystal oscillator, a band pass filter, a find-tuned chip antenna and all the passive components at a very affordable cost.The module provides the best-in-class RF performance with transmit power and receive sensitivity that provides twice the range and higher throughput than other Bluetooth-low-energy-only solutions. The power-management hardware and software algorithms provide significant power savings in all commonly used Bluetooth BR/EDR and low energy modes of operation. The certified and royalty free Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 protocol stack software provides a complete Bluetooth BR/EDR, and Bluetooth Low Energy sample applications that reduce design effort and ensure a faster time to market. The module has a very small form factor with the dimensions of 7 mm x 14 mm x 1.55 mm.

    Key Features

    - Bluetooth 5.1 dual mode

    - Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR)

    - Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)

    - Low Energy (LE)

    - BR and EDR features include:

    - Up to seven active devices

    - Scatternet: Up to three piconets simultaneously, one as master and two as slaves

    - Up to two Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) links on the same piconet

    - Support for all voice air-coding – continuously Variable Slope Delta (CVSD), A-Law, μ-Law, modified Subband Coding (mSBC), and - transparent (Uncoded)

    - Provide an assisted mode for HFP 1.6 Wideband Speech (WBS) profile or A2DP profile to reduce host processing and power

    - Support of multiple Bluetooth profiles with enhanced QoS

    - Low Energy features include:

    - Multiple sniff instances tightly coupled to achieve minimum power consumption

    - Independent buffering for Low Energy allows

    - large numbers of multiple connections without affecting BR or EDR performance

    - Built-In coexistence and prioritization handling for BR, EDR, and Low Energy

    - Capabilities of link layer topology, Scatternet - can act concurrently as peripheral and central

    - Network support for up to 10 devices

    - Time line optimization algorithms to achieve maximum channel utilization

    - Best-in-Class Bluetooth (RF) performance (TX power, RX sensitivity, blocking)

    - TX power up to +8 dBm

    - Internal temperature detection and compensation to ensure minimal variation in RF performance over temperature, no external calibration required

    - Improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH)

    - Algorithm with minimum adaptation time

    - Longer range, including twice the range of other Low-Energy-Only solutions

    - Advanced power management for extended battery life and ease of design

    - On-Chip power management, including direct connection to battery

    - Low power consumption for active, standby, and scan Bluetooth modes

    - Shutdown and sleep modes to minimize powe consumption

    - Physical interfaces:

    - UART Interface with support for maximum Bluetooth data rates

    - UART transport layer (H4) with maximum rate of 4 Mbps

    - Three-Wire UART transport layer (H5) with maximum rate of 4 Mbps

    - Fully programmable Digital Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) - I2S codec interface

    - Flexibility for easy stack integration and validation into MCUs and MPUs

    - HCI tester tool to evaluate RF performance of the device and configure service pack

    - Antenna: chip antenna, 0.5 dBi gain

    - Size: 7 mm x 14 mm x 1.55 mm (With Shield)

    - Standards Conformance

    - Bluetooth® SIG

    - CE-RED (Europe)

    - FCC (US)

    - ISED (Canada)

    - Japan (Telec)


    - Mobile Accessories

    - Sports and Fitness Applications

    - Wireless Audio Solutions

    - Set-Top Boxes and Remote Controls

    - Toys

    - Test and Measurement

    - Industrial: Cable Replacement

    - Wireless Sensors

    - Automotive Aftermarket

    - Wellness and Health


    Datasheet: BDE-BD2564CA_Datasheet_V2.3.pdf

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