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Sub-1G - BDE-SG1314R10 (Sub-1G Based on CC1314R10, Pre-release)
  • BDE-SG1314R10 (Sub-1G Based on CC1314R10, Pre-release)

  • General Description

    The BDE-SG1314R10 is a low power, multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz wireless module series that provides two options: BDE-SG1314R10U (U.FL connector version) and BDE-SG1314R10N (RF pad version). It supports IEEE 802.15.4, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), Wireless M-Bus, Wi-SUN, Amazon Sidewalk, mioty, proprietary systems, and TI 15.4-Stack (Sub-1 GHz). The module is based on an Arm® Cortex® M33 main processor and optimized for low-power wireless communication and advanced sensing in building security systems, HVAC, smart meters, medical, wired networking, gateways and grid communications, home theater & entertainment, and connected peripherals markets.

    The BDE-SG1314R10 has a software defined radio powered by an Arm® Cortex® M33, which allows support for multiple physical layers and RF standards. The device supports industry standard frequency bands (868MHz, 915MHz) to meet the industrial needs. The module has an efficient built-in PA that supports +14 dBm TX at 25.8 mA current consumption, In RX it has -121 dBm sensitivity in SimpleLink™ long-range mode.

    The module has a low standby current of 0.98 μA and full RAM retention. Consistent with many customers’ 10 to 15 years or longer life cycle requirements. BDE-SG1314R10 integrates all required system-level hardware components including clocks, passives and low-cost PCB design. 

    Key Features
    Wireless microcontroller
    Powerful 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor with TrustZone®
    FPU and DSP extension
    1024kB flash program memory
    8kB of Cache SRAM
    256kB of ultra-low leakage SRAM with parity for high-reliability operation
    32kB of additional SRAM is available if parity is disabled
    Dynamic multiprotocol manager (DNM) driver
    Supports over-the-air upgrade (OTA)
    Ultra-Low power sensor controller
    Autonomous MCU with 4kB of SRAM
    Sample, store, and process sensor data
    Fast wake-up for low-power operation
    Software defined peripherals; capacitive touch, flow meter, LCD
    Low power consumption
    MCU consumption:
    3.4 mA active mode, CoreMark®
    71 μA/MHz running CoreMark
    0.98 μA standby mode, RTC, 256KB RAM
    0.17 μA shutdown mode, wake-up on pin
    Ultra Low-power sensor controller consumption:
    30 μA in 2 MHz mode
    809 μA in 24 MHz mode
    Radio Consumption:
    25.8 mA TX at 14 dBm at 868 MHz
    Wireless protocol support
    Amazon Sidewalk
    Wireless M-Bus
    SimpleLink™ TI 15.4-stack (Sub- 1 GHz)
    Proprietary systems
    High performance radio
    Coherent modem, 802.15.4 O-QPSK
    -121 dBm for 2.5 kbps long-range mode
    -110 dBm at 50 kbps, 802.15.4, 868 MHz
    Regulatory compliance (On-going)
    MCU peripherals
    Most digital peripherals can be routed to any GPIO
    Four 32-bit or eight 16-bit general-purpose timers
    12-bit SAR ADC, 200 ksps, 8 channels
    8-bit DAC
    Two Comparators
    Programmable current source
    Four UART, four SPI, two I2C, I2S
    Real-time clock (RTC)
    Integrated temperature and battery monitor
    Security enablers
    Supports secure boot
    Supports secure key storage and device ID
    Arm TrustZone for trusted execution environment
    AES 128- and 256-bit cryptographic accelerator
    Public key accelerator
    SHA2 accelerator (full suite up to SHA-512)
    True random number generator (TRNG)
    Secure debug lock
    Software anti-rollback protection
    Operating range
    On-chip buck DC/DC converter
    1.8-V to 3.8-V single supply voltage
    -40 to +85°C
    Antenna: No antenna or U.FL connector
    Dimension: 22 mm x 15 mm x 2.15 mm
    QFM-39 (30 GPIOs)
    RoHS-compliant package

    868, and 902 to 928 MHz ISM and SRD systems with down to 4 kHz of receive bandwidth
    Building automation
    Building security systems – motion detector, electronic smart lock, door and window sensor, garage door system, gateway
    HVAC – thermostat, wireless environmental sensor, HVAC system controller, gateway
    Fire safety system – smoke and heat detector, fire alarm control panel (FACP)
    Video surveillance – IP network camera
    Elevators and escalators – elevator main control panel for elevators and escalators
    Grid infrastructure
    Smart meters –water meter, gas meter, electricity meter, and heat cost allocator
    Grid communications – wireless communications – Long-range sensor applications
    Other alternative energy – energy harvesting, solar inverters
    Industrial transport – asset tracking
    Factory automation and control
    Electronic point of sale (EPOS) – Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)
    Personal Electronics
    Connected peripherals – consumer wireless module
    Home theater & entertainment – smart speakers, set-top box
    Wearables (non-medical)
    Wireless Modules
    Wireless third party modules
    Wireless communications modules


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